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The Mission of Thompson Public School is to develop life-long learners and responsible citizens.

Welcome Back To School!

Principal Cassie Brown

Principal Cassie Brown

Phone: (701) 599-2765

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School Hours:

  • 7:00 for students who are enrolled in ESP

  • 8:05 for students who are eating breakfast.

  • 8:15 for all other students.

  • 8:35 the school day begins.

  • 3:15 Dismissal

  • 5:30 ESP Pickup

Meal Plans:

Breakfast Prices:
Grades K-12: $2.00

Hot Lunch Prices:Grades K-6: $3.00Grades 7-12: $3.25
Parent Tip: Once you have your student's hot lunch number practice memorizing it at home.
Nut Free School Poster--no nuts--even coconut.

What's New At Thompson School?

Welcome to a new school year! We are so excited to start our learning on August 18th. This summer has brought staff changes, new students, and a few new additions to the campus. Please take the time to look through my webpage to learn more about the changes and updates.

Important Dates:

  • November 11, No School--Veteran's Day

  • November 15, Wreath Order DUE

  • November 24-25, No School--Thanksgiving Break

  • December 8, 7 p.m.--Holiday Concert

School Supplies

School supply lists are out and updated for parents and students. Supplies are a very important supplement to your child's education. Having the right supplies ensures the students' full engagement in the upcoming school year. Throughout the year, teachers may request additional supplies as needed for different learning experiences.

Click on the button below to see this year's supply list.

FAQ's for the First Day Of School

How are Class Lists Determined?

Class lists will be communicated in August 2022. This allows the school to accommodate enrollment and staff changes that occur throughout the summer. Creating class lists is a very important job. Our professional team of teachers makes sure that we develop class lists with integrity. This allows us to create classes that ensure all students get the ability to receive the best education here at Thompson School

How do I communicate with other families in my child's class.

Part of being in a small town is the ability to make lasting connections with families. We appreciate the want to reach out and connect with others on a more personal level.

As a school, we ask that you make those connections using other means besides the classroom teacher. Due to confidentiality, we are not able to give out personal information to other students.

Also, with birthdays being an exciting time for elementary students, we ask parents to refrain from sending invitations to their students to hand out during the school day. Unless it is to the whole class. This helps ensure that the school is a welcoming place where all are included.

Can elementary students attend school events?

Yes, elementary students are encouraged to attend school events and support our teams and extracurriculars. We ask that students are supervised and follow the guidelines below.

Thompson Elementary Spectator Guidelines.docx

Can my child have their cell phone/communication watch?

Students can have these devices as long as they are not a distraction. We do ask students to keep cell phones in their locker or locked in the teacher's room.

Students who have a communication watch, such as a Gizmo watch, may have them unless it becomes a distraction during class.

When distraction happens, the teacher will have the student leave the device with them until the end of the day.

We ask that communication for pick-up and drop-offs are communicated with either the front office or the teacher. Communication through a child's device can complicate dismissal.

Thompson Public School is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Can I drop off and pick up my student at their classroom door?

Parents are welcome to drop their students off at their classroom door on the first day of school. We hope to see a lot of those first day of school pictures floating around social media. As staff, we ask parents to exit the building by 8:35 to get our day started.

After the first day of school, the campus will be closed, and a staff member will greet your students at the designated entry doors.

At the end of the day, please follow the drop-off and dismissal routine linked on this webpage. We ask parents to stay outside for pick-up to allow for safe exiting for all students.

What clothes attire should I dress my child in?

Learning is an active engagement. Students are constantly using their bodies to learn and discover here at school. Please dress your students in clothes that they can freely move in and be comfortable with.

Different areas of school fluctuate temperatures. Please pack a light sweatshirt or pullover to accommodate the fluctuating temperatures.

Students do have accidents throughout the year, a milk spill, a science experiment got a bit messy, etc... It is helpful to have an extra set of clothes for those just-in-case moments.

They will have phy-ed in the gymnasium. We ask parents to provide gym tennis shoes that are only used on our gym floors. These shoes will be kept in their locker all year around.

Soon the playground will be built. To ensure the safety of our students we ask that students wear shoes/sandals with backs on them.

Who do I contact if my child will be gone or needs to be picked-up early?

Please contact the main office and the student's teacher if your child is going to be gone for the day or needs to be picked-up early. Please pick-up students at the main office. Susan or Kristy will contact the classroom teacher and have the student walk to the office.

School Structure for 2022-2023

This year we will be implementing new programs to enhance our students learning. To learn more about these programs, click on the link below.

MTSS, is a school-wide system where we provide personalized skills-based learning and interventions to all students within our building. Teachers will have "Skill Walks" everyday for math and reading where students are grouped by skill levels to be challenged at their own level and pace.

The state of North Dakota rolled out an initiative to grow students' abilities in reading. This new approach looks at the science behind a student,s understanding of learning to read.

To help in aid of Science of Reading, the staff has unanimously voted to adopt the reading program Wonders 2023

TPS is excited to announce a better form of school-to-home communication. In years past, teachers and coaches used varied forms of communication (Remind, Facebook, Twitter, Seesaw messages, email, etc.). Now teachers and coaches are being asked to use ParentSquare (and StudentSquare for students over age 13, with parental consent).

The playground will be under construction as the new school year starts. Staff and students are very excited to complete this project and cannot wait to enjoy it when completed. If you are still interested in becoming a donor and having a personalized touch on the playground, please click on the button below.

Tommie Pride Card Tracker!

Let's Keep Track of our Tommie Pride Cards! Check back periodically to see how many cards we can collect!

At the end of the month, we will send these cards home. Great job Tommies!

Every month we pick students from all the Tommie Pride Cards and celebrate their achievements as students of the month!

Picture of a Tommie Pride Card

Tommie Staff Shoutout!

Click HERE to fill one out!

Are you interested in letting a Thompson staff member just how much you appreciate them? Take a moment to fill out a form and I will make sure it is delivered to the well-deserved individual.

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