Basic Information


ESP Registration Form

$25 fee MUST be paid 

before student is considered registered!

ESP Partnership Agreement

Please contact the main office.

You may also use SchoolPay to pay the monthly fee:

ESP Overview

The Extended School Program is available for Thompson elementary students in grades kindergarten through grade four. The program is available Monday through Friday and follows the public school calendar. ESP begins at 7:00 AM in the commons. The atmosphere of the morning program is very relaxed. The students choose board games to play until they go to breakfast at  AM. When they have finished with breakfast, they go to the small gym until their classroom is open at 8:15 AM. 

The afternoon program begins at 3:15 PM. Each day begins with a 15 minute outdoor recess when weather permits. 

At 5:00 PM all ESP students meet in the commons for check out time. They choose a board game to play until they are checked out by their parents. All ESP students must be picked up by 5:30 PM.