Students & Parents

As TPS will be delivering some content online as the situation evolves, this page will have resources and links to help teachers communicate with students.

Be sure to bookmark these on your device!

Class seesaw link
Gmail link
Google Classroom link
Google Meet link

Table of Contents

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Getting started information

Connectivity resources for families with no internet or limited internet (will post here as we learn more)

ND programs for internet assistance

Midco Lifeline Internet Access Assistance Program

By Monday, the outdoor access point will be pointing toward the school parking lot, for students to sync their chromebooks or log in on their device while in their cars--school chromebooks will pick up the network TPS-Chrome


You can use any device (including phones) that connect to the internet to download the free apps or access the content through a browser. Chrome browser is probably the best one to use in grades 3-12, but all of them work.

School chromebooks are still available for those who have not checked one out yet--follow this LINK to sign up

For grades K-2 and the Seesaw app, it is more difficult to use with a chromebook/desktop. Tablets are the best device to use with this particular app.

New to chromebooks? Start HERE

Troubleshooting Chromebook connections video

Grades K-2 classes, using Seesaw

Introduction to Seesaw for parents

Introduction: Seesaw Family app (for parents to see student work)

Students post to their journal in Seesaw (using the Seesaw Class App)

A more in-depth overview of a student journal (good for parents to see with their students)

Grades 3-12, Using Google Classroom and Google Hangouts/Meet

Good introduction for parents to Google Classroom

For Google Meet, teachers will be sharing the link to the call via Google Classroom (it should also appear in their school email as well). Students can follow the link to join the call, and after the call, teachers will be able to upload the video to Google Classroom if they choose to do so.

Some teachers will be using Kami to share pdf files and have students complete them. This video will show a student how to open an assignment in Kami, and use text boxes and drawing to complete the assignment.