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Wednesday brought us an unscheduled day off this week. That will not prevent us from taking Monday, Feb. 17th off from school. We will make up the day we missed on Wednesday, on March 6th. NO SCHOOL on Monday, enjoy the 3 day weekend.

Please note the link to the Hall of Fame at Thompson Public Schools on the left side of this page. If you have a former teacher or coach you'd like to nominate the link will help you with that process.

I'm going to leave the Reading Month Calendar on the newsletter for another week. It's hard to believe we're already half way through the month but we are and it's been a great time for our kiddos. They love the dress up days and they love the time shared with Mrs. Weber as she does many cool things for them throughout the month.

Reading Month calendar

The Grand Cities Lacrosse group has an event set up as a fundraiser for their organization. We've had Thompson students participate in their organization in the past so I'll post a link to a flyer for their fundraiser and also there is a link to registration for the Lacrosse group if you're interested.

Lacrosse fundraiser Lacrosse registration form

PTO will meet this week. Monday, Feb. 17th, at 7:30 p.m. in the library is the scheduled date of their meeting. They have scheduled the carnival for Friday, May 1st and I know they'll be looking for volunteers to help with the event. The PTO really only does 2 big fundraisers each year, this is one of them. If you're interested in volunteering, please come to a meeting and let them know you're interested. They are always looking for people to get involved.

Bio girls is starting up soon, registration opens Feb. 18th. Here is the link if you're interested in having your daughter be a part of this program. Registration runs through the 25th of February.

Biogirls registration

At the board meeting on Tuesday I shared with the board our desire and our intent to departmentalize our students in grades 4 through 6 next year. As the teachers have continued to building learning goals in the 4 big content areas we've started to realize that teaching all 4 content areas is a bit more to comprehend and do as well as possible to guarantee our students develop the skills and learning to the best of their abilities. We are over 2000 learning goals when you look at the content in this building now as we build a standards based approach in all our content. Please understand that all of those learning goals aren't in grades 4 through 6 but it's still a lot and the teachers are ready to work in the content area that they feel most comfortable in teaching . We will build our departmentalization with 2 teams of 3 teachers and children will rotate among those teachers for 3 subject areas. Each team will have a Math and ELA teacher and one team will have a Science teacher while the other has a Social Studies teacher. Each teacher will teach one more content area to their homeroom students. I'm attaching the scenario for one team within our plan. The teachers are excited to take this on, they led the discussion and came to me with the hope that we could put this in place. Each teacher shared with me their content choices in a list of 1 to 4 and each teacher is teaching in either their 1st or 2nd choice. I'm excited to bring this the elementary school and watch this staff really go to work. Here is the example of what the day would look like in grades 4 through 6 next year:

Don't hesitate to call me at school if you want to talk about this a little bit as we work through the spring. I don't take making changes to our routine lightly, I always look for ways to make teaching and learning better in our school and I honestly believe that this is a great plan for our building. Teachers have taken some ownership of their teaching and when teachers are excited to teach their content that excitement will trickle into their lessons and into student learning. We all know there are things in our careers that we love more than other pieces of our career. If we could focus or spend more time working on the part of our career we love, we'd embrace our work more. That's what we're doing at TES. I believe we all win with this plan and our students will benefit greatly from having teachers teaching content they truly enjoy each day. Like I said, call and visit anytime about this plan. It is sometimes easier for me share orally that with my skills as a writer.

Everyone have a great weekend, enjoy the extra day of the weekend. The trend in weather looks great late next week, hopefully a little warmth is on the way. Please keep Coach Schwab in your thoughts. He lost his dad this week, his dad was a good friend of mine for the last 30 years and he'll be missed by a lot of us. For Coach Schwab, he lost his dad and I know how that hurts. Please keep positive vibes going his way throughout this difficult time in his life.