Instructional Models

The instructional models used by the district will be guided, in part, by the risk level of COVID-19 in the community as defined within the colored phases. This is a guide as instructional models could be altered based on other factors, such as occupancy levels, age of children, and abilities to move certain classes online.

Traditional learning will be offered in addition to distance learning when in most of the above phases. Each child will be offered a choice of instruction based on their needs and comfort level with each option. A student who chooses to attend via distance learning will be enrolled for terms of 9 weeks and at that time may opt out and begin attendance in person or vice versa. Exceptions will be made for students forced to quarantine for 14 days.

Traditional Learning Icon

Traditional Learning

All instruction is delivered in-person with some building and group modifications. Teachers and students maintain a normal daily schedule with extra safety precautions.

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Blended Learning

Students report to school on a modified schedule. Multiple hybrid models of instructional delivery may be appropriate to meet the educational needs through a variety of delivery models.

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Distance Learning (List LMS System Used)

All instruction is provided off-campus through the use of distance learning resources or suited to the unique needs of the student.

Distance Learning Model Parent Expectations:

  • Declare your intention to choose distance learning with building principal.

  • Provide internet access for your child to access the distance learning platform.

  • Provide a quiet study space for your child so they can focus and engage in activities.

  • Parents should be aware some classes may not be available over distance learning.

Student Expectations:

  • Attendance will be taken

  • Must be aware they will be assessed and graded consistently with on site instruction.

  • Daily participation and engagement in all courses will be expected.

School Expectations:

  • Attendance will be taken

  • Expectations and learning outcomes will be consistent with on-campus instruction and grading.

***** Attendance is not tied to the semester test policy for the 20/21 school year. Daily attendance is still taken at the time of that scheduled class whether on site or distance learning.