Health & Safety Plan Summary

  1. Face Covering: Face coverings will be used during school to help protect everyone. Each child should have enough face coverings to be able to utilize a clean one each day. Wash face coverings each day after use. How to Wash a Cloth Face Covering

  1. Symptom Screening: Utilize the Appendix in the Health and Safety Plan to screen your child each day prior to sending your child to school. Do NOT send your child to school if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms listed. If unsure about whether to send the child or if you have questions about symptoms, please call the school nurse at 701-599-2765 or call the COVID hotline at 701-780-6358. CDC Parent Decision Tree

  1. Risk: Many mitigation strategies are in place to safely provide in person learning, however, if you choose to send your child to school you are accepting some risk that your child could be exposed or infected.

  1. Preparedness and Flexibility: As the school year resumes and the number of cases and exposure changes, parents and students need to remain flexible. Circumstances may arise which result in changes to learning methods, shut down of the school, classes, or activities, etc. Please have a plan in place in the event that learning may switch to distance learning due to an exposure or widespread outbreak. This could occur if the NDDoH determines our school district to be in the yellow, orange, or red phases.

  1. If a family chooses distance learning, they will need to contact their building principal before August 12 at 4:00 p.m. Attendance is not tied to the semester test policy for the 20/21 school year. Daily attendance is still taken at the time of that scheduled class whether on site or distance learning.

  1. Visitor policy: TPS will restrict all visitors and volunteers from entering the schools to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to our students and staff. We will have a protocol in place for student pickup, drop off, and parent meetings. Activity and Athletic attendance guidelines will be released prior to the season.

  1. Communication: Communication with families will be primarily through the school website and email. If necessary, robocalls may also be used. Parents are encouraged to ensure their contact information is correct in PowerSchool.