Academic Advisers

Band – Devon Tucker
Chess Club – Chris Johnson
Choir – Devon Tucker
Close Up – Dean Larimer
Drama – Devon Tucker & Miranda Frovarp
FCCLA – Aleta Krack
Fellowship of Christian Athletes – John Dolleslager
Honor Society – Barb Jacobs
Jazz Band – Devon Tucker
Junior Engineering Technological Society – John Dolleslager
Math Counts – Tara Shirek
One Act Play –  Devon Tucker & Miranda Frovarp
Students Against Destructive Decisions – Patty Krebs
Student Council – Lisa Strand
Speech – Chris Johnson
Technology Student Association – Darwin Potter
Yearbook – Corey Gaddie

Athletic Coaches

Head Coach - Brady Schwab
Assistant Coach - Jason Beilke

Cross Country - Lindsay George

Advisor - Kylee Johnson

Boys Basketball:
Head Coach - Brandy George
JV Coach - Matt Chandler
C Squad - Jeremy Hughes
JH Coach - Brandon Aune
JH Coach - Brandon Weber
Elementary Coach - Matt Chandler
Elementary Coach - Brandy George

Head Coach - Brady Schwab
Assistant Coach - Jason Beilke
Assistant Coach - Alex Starcevic
JH Coach - Jeremy Anderson
JH Coach - Jason Brend

Girls Basketball:
Head Coach - Jason Brend
JV Coach - Jason Beilke
C Squad - Brenna Carpenter
JH Coach - Deb DeMoe
JH Coach - John Dolleslager
Elementary Coach - Collette Schwabe
Elementary Coach - Brenna Carpenter

Golf (Co-Op with Northwood):
Head Coach - Keenan Konschak

Gymnastics (Co-Op with Grand Forks Red River):
Head Coach - 

Head Coach - Matt Chandler
Assistant Coach - Kelsey Holien

Swimming and Diving (Co-Op with Grand Forks Red River):
Head Coach - 

Track & Field:
Head Coach - Jeremy Anderson
Assistant Coach - Liza Winkler

(Co-Op with Grand Forks Public Schools)

Head Coach - Lisa Strand
JV Coach - Liza Winkler
C Squad Coach - Kendra Zak
JH Coach - 
JH Coach - 

Wrestling (Co-Op with Grand Forks Red River)
Assistant Coach - Dean Larimer
School Information

School Mascot – Tommies

School Colors – Green and White

School Song – On Wisconsin Tune

Onward Tommies, Onward Tommies, Show your Tommie pride. On the court or on the field, Victory’s on our side. Rah! Rah! Rah! Onward Tommies, Onward Tommies, Stand up Tommies. Cheer! “Yeah” for the green and white Let’s Fight, Fight, Fight!

Address - 424 3rd Street, Thompson, ND 58278